The Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites Review

Online dating is an excellent way to meet new people, quickly go on multiple dates and find the woman or women for you. Whether you’re looking for The One or something more casual, The Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites Review will speed you on your way to meeting the ideal woman. It’s widely accepted now that online dating sites are a very good way to massively increase your potential for meeting the right kind of women. BUT, some sites are massively more helpful and contain much larger memberships of the right kinds of women. Also, others are either very expensive, spammy, poor quality or full of fake profiles to pull you in but which never lead you anywhere and just rip you off.  Red Hot Seduction is here to solve all these problems for you. We have reviewed 30-40 Online Dating Sites this year and we have compiled the 10 very best value sites into the results in this review. The Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites review is the new standard and lists all the best and most useful online dating sites for you. We’ve also included the best sites for Latin and Military dating and show you all the highest quality deals out there. Have a good long look and choose one to get started. You’ll soon be heading out on more dates than you can handle!

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Friend is massive. They have a huge membership of almost two million active members around the world, particularly in the US, Canada and the UK. The site has a very wide range of relationship types to chose from and people joining discover a sense of community with daily horoscopes (women love that stuff), photo ratings, free egreeting cards, and the interactive FriendFinder Magazine written by and for its members. The magazine includes member-submitted articles and a question and answer advice forum. We like because they are always evolving to meet the wants and needs of its members. They recently started their Friend Network, which is an online social networking community connected to FriendFinder personals. If you want to meet the right girl, this is an excellent resource and a great place to start your search.

We really like The site has been featured on USA Today, the Howard Stern Show, Fox News, MSNBC and many other newspapers and magazines. Their membership of over ten million members (Wow!) means that if you get yourself out there you are going to meet tons of interesting and interested women. offers one of the simplest dating site formats among the most popular platforms. There are not quite as many features as on other sites but the trade-off is that the site is less expensive and less cluttered with no distracting unnecessary features. is extremely popular with millions of online singles and tens of thousands of new members join up daily so there’s always new people to meet. The site caters not just for serious relationships but also people looking for friendship and more casual dating with different levels of commitment. is one of the longest established dating sites out there and still one of our top recommendations. Check it out now! is a premier online dating website with over ten million members and thousands of success stories on their site. Their unique scientific matching system calculates excellent matches by comparing your profile with their 10 million members based on over 50 profile attributes using their unique scientific algorithm. Subscribers are usually slightly more mature, averaging 35 years old, professional, educated and serious about finding a healthy, happy relationship. The site looks great and is very easy to use and navigate and you can even start searching before you’ve completed your free profile although you will definitely get better search results once you’ve uploaded a photo and filled in your details. They have a very good Advanced Search option so you can get extremely specific which is useful because of the huge membership they have, so saving you a lot of search time. We’ve used with great success as have millions of other guys so take a look right now.


Flirt is a fun, easy-to-use dating site for adults primarily looking for slightly more casual relationships. There’s a very easy free sign up process and then you can chat in the online chat rooms to thousands of members at any time. Some guys use this site for more casual dating or online flirting and the membership is definitely younger, (18 and upwards) but there are plenty of people looking for something more serious too. We would suggest using this site for both serious and more casual meetings and use their excellent Advanced Search to narrow down your possibilities by all sorts of criteria from hair colour, tattoos and income levels to education, preferences and of course location. This site is definitely worth checking out with a free membership and then sign up for more if you find the right vibe once you’ve had a look around. is a smaller site with members looking for a range of connections from serious, long term relationships to more casual, fun meetings. Despite the name, there are plenty of serious members here looking for love and despite being smaller than some of the other sites, it offers good quality members who are in a younger 18-25 age bracket and very actively searching for relationships. The site is simply laid out and easy to use and the chat features will get you talking with women very quickly. We liked the ease of use and speed of the site, we’d like to see a bigger membership pool to search from and more search features to upgrade the site but it’s definitely worth a free sign up and take it from there!

Many dating sites are stuffed with fake profiles and automated replies. is extremely safe and reliable and has an excellent online reputation. For singles that are tired of playing the dating game,, as the name would suggest, is a very reliable place to go to meet real women and men. The site offers an excellent online environment for genuine singles to meet other single people looking to make connections with straightforward sincere people. The site is relatively new and so the membership is smaller than the huge dating sites but perhaps it makes up for that with the quality of members it attracts. Members here are mainly interested in long term relationships, there’s less flirty chat and hook ups. They have a scientific matching system to narrow things down and a clear and straightforward site to browse. Definitely worth a free sign up and browse and the paid membership is very reasonable if you decide to take it further. isn’t an adult dating site but it’s definitely towards the casual end of the regular dating scene. It’s a large and well designed site with several million members profiles to explore, live chat and sms options to help you communicate. Limited free messages are awarded to new members, allowing you to chat with members as soon as you sign up. Signing up for a free profile is easy and takes a few minutes and then you’re off! Free accounts allow you to perform searches, check profiles and photos, as well as being able to send (but not read)  messages. Video chat options are also available for members who have a webcam, which can be good fun and help with your search. There are plenty of search parameters so you can home in on potential dates. These go into  a good amount of detail, such as hair or eye color, interests, build, income and even religious background. The members area is also well priced and so if you’re interested in a more casual relationship at first this is a good place to start looking. is an extremely popular dating site dedicated to the Latin community in the US, Canada and the UK. With more than two million Hispanic members, Amor makes it easy to find a Latin lover. This dating service is available in both English and Spanish and is a very well organised and safe site to use. The site layout and design looks simple yet classy and is very smooth to navigate. Of course, guys of any ethnic background looking to meet a beautiful Latin lady can and do use the site too. Amor has all the features you expect from a quality dating site. The basic membership is free along with creating your profile, advanced  searches for members and messaging. There is an excellent chat room for relaxed conversations and plenty of private messaging options when you find the right person. For such a good quality site the membership is extremely reasonable and if you’re looking for that gorgeous Latin lady then this is definately the best place to start looking. has helped thousands of mature singles create and build meaningful relationships online. The site makes it very easy to find and search thousands of members over 40. The site is high quality in every way and each free membership allows you to post your profile and search other members for possible matches. There are excellent and easy to navigate chat rooms, instant messaging, photo galleries, and many more features. Advanced Search features allow you to filter the thousands of possibilities through your search criteria to find your ideal mate more quickly. If you’re a more mature single looking for a serious relationship and you  want to avoid the younger crowd then is by far the best senior dating website out there and we highly recommend it.

As if being in the military isn’t challenging enough, finding the right partner when you’re on duty overseas or in a remote location can be very difficult. Military solves that problem in an easy and efficient way. This is the best military dating site we researched and it has a large membership of ladies looking to meet a good military man. The site itself is very well organised and is easy to navigate and use. As you’d expect from a high quality site, features include free membership, personality profiling, state of the art search functionality, email and instant messaging capabilities, and free chat. Another feature we liked is that the site also provides relationship advice to men and women about military dating on everything from how to make a long-distance relationship work to helping civilian women understand the life of a military man on active duty. This is now the go-to military dating site used by thousands of active servicemen from all the services and also by thousands more military and civilian women attracted to a relationship with a military man. Check it out right now and your military dating problems should be over pretty fast.