The 6 Best Pheromone Sprays Online To Attract Women

You’ve probably wondered about pheromone sprays.. What are they really? Is it all just hype or do they really work? Well, yet again, we’ve done the research online and in the field and you’d better believe they work! The scientific research is all there and there’s no question that all of these products definitely have a very positive effect on the ladies. We’ve taken all of our recommendations and many other lesser products out on dates, to parties and clubs, cafes and coffee shops. We had to reject quite a few as just hype and b.s. which is why we are only recommending the six which had such a massively mind-blowing effect that it was almost funny how easy it was to get the attention of amazing girls all over the place. We wanted to write a top 10 type of review but honestly only these six were really good enough to be proven to work in the field so instead we wrote The Top 6 Pheromone Sprays Online review instead. Seriously, these are the ones we found to work extremely well and made our doing life sooo much easier.. Check out the details in the links below to see for yourself. The combination of one of these products and the skills you can learn from one of the programs reviewed in Top 10 Best dating/Seduction Skills Online will take your dating life to a completely new level. Seriously, you’d better be ready for as much action as you can handle. Check out the information below and think how your life is going to change when you start putting this stuff together. Just go for it, life will never be the same again…

Nexus Pheromones™ have been formulated over 12 years of pheromone research, including input from the award-winning human sex pheromone scientist James Vaughn Kohl. It’s a proprietary blend of 7 human pheromone compounds that mimic the natural pheromone scent of attractive, healthy and fertile young men. This is the scent which women will be unconsciously and unstoppably attracted to. Age, shape, status and looks become irrelevant because the primitive centres in a woman’s brain are hardwired to seek out the scent of the strongest, most virile smelling mate. Nexus have amplified this scent 1000 times and bottled it! You can even wear your normal cologne over the top of it and this stuff will still drive them crazy. Thousands of guys use this on a regular basis and we highly recommend this pheromone product for when you need that extra edge out partying.

There are four pheromone sprays in the LuvEssentials range and we’ve tried them all with a lot of success ourselves. In scientific trials, these pheromones produced a seventy-four percent (74%) increase in the following socio-sexual behaviours amongst the test subjects: huggingkissing, and ultimately sexual intercourse. The studies suggest that pheromones bring about an increase in the luteinizing hormone (LH) in women, thereby causing a woman to have heightened sexual responsiveness to a man. Apparently they are also thought to release neurotransmitters that directly modify women’s behavior, such as triggering sexual excitement and arousal. Which of course is just what we want to happen! These products are outstanding and will definitely tilt the dating game massively in your favour. Check out all their research and studies below too, It’s impressive stuff and highly recommended.

This pheromone combination was created by Dr V. Amend, one of the country’s leading experts in the field. Dr. Amend’s attraction formulation is made with a very specific group of pheromones that are designed to trigger a woman’s natural attraction and arousal instincts. In other words, they make her hot and wet and she won’t even realise why. The key pheromones that make up this scent are Androstadienone, Androstenone, and 3-Beta-Androstenol. All of them are close cousins to testosterone and are naturally secreted through your sweat glands and skin. Well conducted laboratory tests have shown that women exposed to these pheromones immediately show dramatic changes in their own hormones which sexual mood, libido and willingness to have sexual intercourse. Dr. Amend’s formula for men to attract women gives off this very same exact pheromonal signature, and is a lotion worn topically on the exposed areas of skin like the back of the neck, chest, wrists or forearms. This product is used by 1000’s of guys and you’d better get in on the action before they steal that girl form under your nose. We liked this product a lot, one of our team has had so much success he won’t go out without it on now!

True Pheromones have a range of pheromone sprays to chose from for different situations and occasions. True Opener spray for initial contacts,  True Alpha and True Charisma for for hotting up the sexual attraction and True Instinct which the creators claim to contain the highest concentration of sex pheromones known to man! This range of products seems to offer the right pheromone for whatever situation you might find yourself in and they also offer a complete bundle of products so you can always have the right product to hand. Perhaps not quite as potent as some of the other products, nevertheless these pheromones performed well for us on our trials and the range of options is impressive. Check them out and access their ‘Science of Human Pheromones” download total free.

The Love Scent Pheromone range is massive! They have a wide variety of scented and unscented pheromones for men (and women) and also a fascinating range of pure individual pheromones such as Androstadienone, beta-androsterone, and androsterone. These extremely powerful single pheromone hormones can be used individually to incredible effect once you find the one which really works well with your natural skin scent, or they can be mixed to increase the effect even more. The creators have a very active blog and forum on their site which contains a ton of information about how pheromones work and how to use them to your best advantage. Definitely worth checking out.

The Pherazone company makes some pretty bold claims. They state that their product has the World’s highest concentration of pheromones and up to 10 times more pheromones than other leading brands. Manufactured in an FDA Licenced laboratory and packed in vacuum sealed bottles these pheromones definitely pack a punch. There is no question that these products work well for many 1000’s of men around the world. All of the pheromone sprays and colognes we list here are proven to work very well and Pherazone is no exception. Having rejected many more products we are confident that all of our recommendations will help to take your dating and sex life to a whole new level.