The Tao of Badass review. Is it a scam?

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The Tao of Badass Review


The guide was designed by dating guru Joshua Pellicer who has made appearances on several television programs and hosts the live radio show “Game On,” which focuses on dating advice for men. As with many others, Josh was initially unsuccessful in the art of attracting women. He had burned through several other guides online but was consistently disappointed. So he decided to create a dating guide from scratch and applied all his past experiences gathered through various trials and failures.

What is taught in the program?

The Tao of Badass provides a system of in-depth guidance through books and videos which are focused on altering your perception regarding women and determining what women are truly searching for in a man. The sections are broken down into a number of components which include information on the following:

The worst dating and attraction mistakes that men are making with women, the mindset required to approach a girl and become the man who is desired and craved by women. How to get women to approach you and how to display desirable body language. How to effortlessly hold a 1 on 1 conversation and interpreting positive and negative female body language. How to understanding what they’re thinking and when to cut your losses and pack your bags and a massive amount more..the tao of badass review This guide also teaches a selection of methods that can be utilized in various scenarios. In fact, there is a wealth of information that can be constantly applied which explains its good reputation as the best attraction guide currently on the market.

The Tao of Badass benefits
Let’s highlight both the benefits and disadvantages of this guide from an unbiased perspective. Information is easy to follow and apply. Most programs present information in a very unorganized fashion. With this system however, this is certainly not the case. The information is presented in both PDF and video format which makes it easier to understand compared to 100+ pages of plain, boring text. Although the book is long, it is written in a way that flows and keeps the reader engaged. The content is explained in a very simple and direct manner, all of which can be applied immediately. The videos are the perfect supplement for those who would prefer to sit back and relax rather than reading a bunch of words.

By purchasing this program, Pellicer grants you unlimited access to personal coaching with himself and a number of different dating experts and provides supplementary content on how to attract girls and how to develop your inner game and authenticity via his excellent member’s site. This site has masses of extra videos plus written and audio material which makes the full package absolutely bursting with every piece of information you could ever need to succeed with women.

Also, you will be sent a total of 9 extra bonus products which include extra pdf reports on Relationships, Attraction, Escaping the Friend Zone and several other very useful extra written and audio products, all included in the initial price. Another bonus for example, reflects on why cheating happens in a relationship and provides the steps you can take to ensure this never happens to you. For me, these bonuses were certainly a deal breaker as to whether I was going to make the purchase or not.


This guide takes you by the hand and teaches you step by step the easiest and most effective ways to attract the women you’ve always wanted. The cost of this program is something that many people are skeptical about at first. Is it really worth this amount? If you break this down and factor in the additional videos, guides, and coaching, this program is definitely worth it in comparison to other products out there which merely sell you a one-time book. Of course it would be preferable if the guide was priced lower, but with the current competition on the market, it represents a great price overall.

You really have nothing to lose; this system comes with a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked and costs much less than a dating coach. In fact, you’ll likely learn many dating and attraction tips that most dating coaches don’t even know about. Currently, Joshua Pellicer is offering an extra free bonus and price reduction offer so scroll down the the bottom of the page to check these out too.

What could be improved?

Let’s face it: Every woman out there is different. This guide will help boost your confidence and positively change your mindset, but the reality is that certain approach tactics may work with different types of personalities. So it’s good to have as many strategies and options in your toolbox as you possibly can. For example, the methods may not work as effectively on a timid girl who isn’t very outgoing. These strategies are more effective on sociable, attractive women who have been approached countless times and are seeking a guy who they perceive of higher value. Make nothe tao of badass review mistake, the principles which Pellicer teaches such as confidence and body language  are undeniably attractive for any type of woman. It will just take a bit of tweaking to get your method just right for the woman you are attracted to. Be sure to check out our article Secrets of Speed Seduction for more extremely useful information. This program is for men who are seriously committed to increasing their success in picking up and attracting women. But this is logical since any art requires putting in a chunk of time and effort to master. And yes, meeting and attracting girls is an art. It won’t take long to read through the main course, but the additional videos and guides certainly add some bulk to this program in comparison to other guides offered on the market. I must confess at this point, I who absolutely loved the additional content. Keep in mind that a dating guide can only take you so far. Reading through the guide and watching the videos is only half of the outcome. It’s your job to get out there and put these principles to the test.

Obviously, you’ll still be anxious to start with and perhaps even get rejected a few times. This is all part of the learning process. “Why do we fall? So w might learn to pick ourselves up!”Many guys forget this and walk into a bar over confident only to be discouraged when they are initially unsuccessful. Practice is all part of the game; it’ll take a few training runs to get your routine down and eventually nail the results you’re looking for. No pun intended.

How is This Program Different From Other Dating Guides Out There?

Personally, I found that the techniques and strategies offered in this program were both new and original – and I’ve read countless dating guides in the past. An example is a tricky tactic which teaches you how to stand out as the alpha male among a group of guys who are all competing for a girl’s attention. This method not only increases your own chances of attracting the girl, but coaches you how to use others guys to leverage your success. In addition to your purchase, you can sign up for a monthly membership which includes advice, videos and articles to constantly elevate your game. I found this was a great supplement to the program itself. The Tao of Badass certainly lives up to its hype; it’s this abundance of knowledge combined with the subscription service and bonus guides which has created such an impact in both the online and offline dating community.

Our Conclusions..the tao of badass review

There’s been a lot of media surrounding this program which is why people are seeking honest reviews to determine its legitimacy. So the million dollar question is, does The Tao of Badass system work? Is it a scam? Personally, this program worked  extremely well for me. It might not work for everyone, but it literally turned my life around.

But the answer is not black or white. Yes, this program is definitely worth your money if you’re new to the playing field and are curious on how to get started. Despite the surplus of extra content, some critics have said that the material is  incomplete. But honestly, the bonuses and videos were a game changer for me. None of the other guides I looked at had content presented in such a clean, organized, and engaging manner. This program will teach you to attract and sleep with basically as many women as you want. You just listen to the audios, watch the videos and do a bit of reading then get out there and you will find yourself attracting women in ways you never thought possible. Remember that attraction is an art. Be prepared to put in the required effort and commitment to mastering this system and it will pay off massively.

The Tao of Badass Special Offer

the tao of badass review

Getting inside a girl’s head is almost impossible without learning the secrets from a woman herself. The Tao team are offering an exclusive bonus – The complete $77 Guy Gets Girl dating system absolutely FREE of cost. Click here to learn more about this offerMany people (myself included) don’t fancy the idea of purchasing additional material down the road, and certainly you may not need to. But know this; the Tao of Badass is your first step in developing your inner game and understanding women on a superhuman-like level. Whether your goal is to be a womanizer or find a girlfriend, there’s a huge opportunity here to expand your knowledge and to continue having a rockstar success with women.


Let me close by saying that dating is supposed to be enjoyable. It should be fun! Most guys make  it hard work when it doesn’t actually need to be. Remove the war and chaos from your dating life and change yourself into the badass womenthe tao of badass review are really looking for. I’ve personally read and tried several dating guides, but The Tao of Badass is the one I feel can provide the most practical, interesting and realistic advice you’ll ever need to develop your inner game. If your someone who is seriously committed to his success with women, then check this out.. For a limited time, I’ve discovered that The Tao of Badass will be offering $20.00 the original price of the entire program. If you’ve already seen the introductory video and you’re committed to finding success, click here to receive the special discount. Keep in mind that this offer won’t be around for long, so I recommend you to take advantage of this discount while it lasts. This is superb and life changing information, no question it is worth 10x the price as tens of thousands of men around the world will agree.



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