How to make an unforgettable first impression.

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What Women Secretly Wish You Knew About Sex
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How to make an unforgettable first impression

how to make an unforgettable first impressionDo you know how to make an unforgettable first impression? It’s the question which should be on every guy’s mind, and it’s about so much more than just talking to women. Women start to make decisions about you in the first seconds and definitely minutes of your interaction and it gets progressively more difficult to change a bad first impression as more time passes. Your body language actually speaks volumes to a woman before you’ve even opened your mouth. We should start however by saying that making an unforgettable first impression doesn’t necessarily have to be the goal; On the contrary, a first impression is mostly about just opening up the door to further conversation. Make her curious and interested enough to follow up the first moments of interaction and always, always behave in a masculine, confident manner which has a sexual charge without being needy or creepy. That’s gold dust right there guys, read the last sentence again and tattoo it into your brain forever… Have a good look at our article The Secrets of Speed Seduction for lots more on this game changing topic right now.. And now read on and consider this a “hard mode” guide to becoming a supreme master when chatting with women out at bars and clubs. Here’s how you can make a first impression she’ll never forget.


First, you need to have one of the basics down: You need to be standing up straight, confident and strong. Nothing is going to communicate the confidence that you have in yourself faster than standing up straight and appearing to be a high-value, confident man. In how to make an unforgettable first impressionfact, you need to practice posture until you can call on it whenever you need it. We’d recommend taking a bit of time to practice posture every time you head out and then remind yourself when your walking into a bar, standing talking, whatever you’re doing. Your body language speaks volumes. Check out how your film idols walk and move. Are they slouched and looking at the floor? Definitely not, however tall they are, they stand tall and make good eye contact, hold themselves in an Alpha dominant way and people respond accordingly. Al Pacino is 5ft 7inches and 150 pounds and yet he walks, stands and behaves with such Alpha confidence that he projects immense attraction and power before he’s even opened his mouth. Watch your idols, whoever they may be, and observe how they move and then take some of that on board for yourself. There’s a lot to be learned from the men who are already good at this stuff..


how to make an unforgettable first impressionSmiling is another thing you should practice before you need to call on it. It’s not just about your mouth; Smiling takes place throughout your whole face, particularly your eyes. In terms of your approach, a good smile is going to communicate the kind of friendly, high-energy attitude that’s absolutely essential to making your approach a home run every time. Smiling is such an easy, quick and painless correction to make and will massively enhance all your interactions with people in just about every situation. When people see a real and genuine smile it communicates your intention to be friendly in a very fast and non verbal way and opens many doors. No-one wants to be approached by a gloomy faced scowl so take some time in front of the mirror and work on your smile, it’s an absolute winner. Highly recommended!

Tone of Voice

Talking to women isn’t just about finding the right words. how to make an unforgettable first impressionPractice tone of voice as well. Find your own tone of voice. Listen to Dating Guru Joshua Pellicer and read his superb information on voice and many other essential dating skills here. You want to project yourself so that she can hear you when you speak, but without yelling and coming across too aggressive. The latter can sometimes be just as much of a killer as the opposite. Record yourself and see what you sound like. Take notes and be honest with yourself about what you need to change. People are often surprised when they hear a recording of themselves and realise they need to change their tonality. Also, to overcome any nervousness you might be feeling, slow down your speech. When we get nervous we tend to speak faster and it can end up sounding rushed and lacking in confidence and our voices end up higher pitched and squeaky too. Take your time. Slow the f… down. If you speak slowly, with a confident tone, people listening will start to feel that you value what you are saying and that it is worth listening to and so they will slow down and pay more attention. Also, another top tip here, in a crowded bar, the temptation is to shout to make yourself heard. Instead, once you are engaged in a conversation, lean in a little but also speak a little quieter so that she has to lean in more too in order to hear you. This will create the beginning of a shared intimacy and make her feel like she’s naturally going into a little bubble with you where she is withdrawing from the bustle of the place you’re in and focusses her more onto you.

Opening Line

When talking to women, guys stress over their opening line. But what if we told you that the purpose of the opening line was only to get the conversation started, not to knock it out of the park. Pick something a little irreverent, upbeat and open-ended. Deliver it with confidence and even if she has no idea what you’re talking about, you can make the conversation go exactly where you want it to. If you’re just stuck, you could do a lot worse than just something like ‘Hi, I’m Josh, what’s your name..?’  said with an easy smile, relaxed and confident posture and completely non needy attitude. There’s some great information on conversational opening and many other insanely useful conversation techniques here where the world renowned dating expert David Wygant talks you through everything you need to know. He has a brilliant free daily blog and tons of outstanding information.


A lot of guys make the mistake that we call “dancing monkey.” It’s where you try way too hard to be “entertaining.” Rather than this, you should push back a little bit. Be challenging. Make sure that she knows that you’re not just looking to get every girl’s number in the bar or club; On the contrary, you’re only looking for the right woman and are willing to walk if the interaction is not working for you. Make yourself the prize, not the other way round. A high worth, Alpha mahow to make an unforgettable first impressionn will never be a performing monkey trying to impress a girl, you just easy back a little and start to ask a few seemingly simple questions which make her have to impress you instead. Women, especially hot ones, are so used to having weak beta guys trying to say clever things to turn their heads that when they meet a quietly confident Alpha man who is not needy or pathetically chasing them like a little puppy they will be naturally curious because women are always naturally drawn to the strong Alpha man. Check out our article The Ultimate DatingGuide which explains this in great detail.


how to make an unforgettable first impressionNo, not marriage after the first interaction. What we mean here is that you need to commit to the interaction. You need to follow through and go where the conversation goes. Don’t back out the second she begins to challenge you back. In fact, if she challenges you then that is a really good sign that she is interested because if she wasn’t then she just wouldn’t bother. So when you get those challenges, don’t cave in like a weak little pussy or you will be going home alone and you’ll deserve it. Instead, stand tall and push back in a playful way. Hot women want to feel a strong Alpha man who pushes back on the resistance they give. It’s a test they do to see if you’re a weak beta guy who they can reject instantly or a strong Alpha man who won’t take their crap. That’s what they’re looking for men! Enjoy her little tests and get stuck right in there, push back, challenge her, make her work for you not the other way around. Keep a light sexual tension (no creepiness though!) and gently tease her with a playful smile. Push/pull her with a compliment and then a tease straight after, it’ll make her want more and she’ll start working to get it. Seriously, this is gold dust right here, pay full attention! This is where perfectly good guys mess up right at the start of an interaction. When you just stop being a needy, weak, woman pleasing little pussy and push back playfully on her resistance you will be a thousand miles ahead of every beta man out there. You’re welcome..


how to make an unforgettable first impressionYes, leaving. You want to leave her wanting more. Remember, she’s going to be at the same place as you for a while, so don’t be afraid to excuse yourself to get a drink, go for a dance or even just to rejoin your friends. Don’t feel like you need to cling to her all night. Never, never, never be a needy, weak puppy dog. Women want more of what they can’t have. I know, it’s crazy, but that is just how it is, I promise you. So once you’ve had a good conversation for a few minutes and it’s going really well, walk away. Then go and do the same thing with another woman and another woman. Pretty soon, they will all be seeing you having a good time with many different women and your social proof status will skyrocket. Then as the evening progresses you can circulate back around to the women you spoke to earlier and they will be all the more curious and interested because you have proven your high worth in their eyes because they’ve seen you talking easily and confidently with many other interested women. Even better, if one of those women actually approach you instead to renege in your earlier conversation then that is virtually a done deal. Hot women do not ever do that unless they are extremely interested and all you’ll have to do at that point is keep going with the confident conversation, make her work for you and deepen the intensity. I would highly recommend the work of Joshua Pellicer in the Tao of Badass where he talks in fantastic detail how to progress through these stages of a conversation. It’s a brilliant description of how to deepen a conversahow to make an unforgettable first impressiontion while maintaining sexual tension.

Master the skills we have talked about here and check out some of the resources and articles we’ve mentioned above then show her that you are confident, popular with other women and in demand and you will change your dating life forever.

Practice talking to women everywhere you go, apply these skills and before long it will feel like second nature.

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What Women Secretly Wish You Knew About Sex
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