How to deal with rejection

How to Deal With Rejection

It is part of a woman’s nature to reject men in order to filter out those that she is not how to deal with rejectionattracted to. And unfortunately, most men do not know how to deal with rejection. We’re going to show you how to handle it ..

The act of women rejecting men is a beneficial process to women for the following reasons.. Firstly, it lessens the competition by eliminating the men who cannot overcome approach anxiety or simply cannot cope with rejection. Also, you need to realise that the the act of approaching a woman despite the fear of rejection demonstrates a man’s confidence and high perceived value, which is something that appeals to women.

Women who like to drag things on and lead men on without the actual intention of dating them is undoubtedly the worst situation that you can ever be in. It’s horrible, trust us. Think of it this way. A woman who rejects you following your approach is essentially saving you a lot of time, energy and effort. Aimlessly chasing a girl that sees absolutely no future with you is pointless. You’re better off slapping a friend zoned sign on your to deal with rejection Completely removing the fear of rejection is almost impossible, until you learn the secrets of being a true Alpha Male. We have all the details on our The Top 10 Best Seduction Skills and Dating Programs Online page. Take a look at all the programs there, all carefully chosen for maximum fast and easy results. Check out the skills taught in the brilliant Tao of Badass, a system devised to overcome these fears and immediately catapult you into the top 1% of guys. Then have a good look at the superb work of two other leaders in the field, David Shade and David Wygant, both complete geniuses in the field of  masculinity and alpha dating. These are the men who really are out there making it happen and living the dream life. The innate fear of rejection is a natural emotion that our minds produce to protect ourselves from pain and embarrassment. The problem arises when your rejection anxiety completely hinders your ability to take action on a continuous basis. Studying the information here and from the experts we recommend will smash your fear of rejection and catapult you into the dating stratosphere.

How to deal with rejection.

Why are we afraid of getting rejected? Because our minds think that it will hurt our ego and leave us embarrassed and upset. It may leave a bit of uneasiness in your stomach, but it’s really nothing more than that. Uneasiness. It’s not like the girl took a knife and ran it through your heart. Now THAT would be painful. The concept of a “hurt ego” is an immature way of thinking. How would you feel if you waved at a child and he or she was unresponsive? Likely, you’d rationalize that children are still immature and don’t understand the social response norm; you certainly wouldn’t devalue yourself based on this incident.

So why would you be embarrassed or disappointed when a woman rejects you, not based on real knowledge about you, but rather on her first impression of you from a brief conversation?

Feeling the disappointment of rejection is unnecessary because there are plenty of fish in the sea; your opportunities with women are essentially unlimited. Check out our suggestions in The Ultimate Dating Guide for more detailed information and tricks of the trade. Feeling the embarrassment from rejection is also pointless. Embarrassment stems from the innate fear of being judged. But having others judge you will not affect you in anyway unless you consciously allow it to. If you possess a strong mindset and can filter out needless emotions, then external judgments should not affect your character in any way. Why should you care what other people think? And most of the time, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run into that person again.

Getting Over Rejection

It is crucial that you disconnect yourself from the potential outcomes of your approach.

Read that again… It is absolutely crucial that you disconnect yourself from the potential outcomes of your approach. In other words, you have to just stop giving a fuck about what happens either way.

If you start to visualize yourself getting rejected, then you’re more likely to actually get rejected. Think and you shall become.
how to deal with rejection

Dissociate yourself from any outcomes like getting laid or getting turned down and desensitize yourself from negative feelings. Always be optimistic and have a positive outlook. Seriously, it’s like magic, when you stop giving a fuck and give up the needy puppy dog behaviour around beautiful women they will see you in an entirely different light and they will be the ones chasing you. No question, this stuff absolutely works as we at Red Hot Seduction know from our personal experience. So don’t waste any more time. Check out these extra tips on how to eliminate your fear of rejection how to deal with rejectioncompletely and live like a God of women.

Live in the moment. Stop analyzing the potential outcomes and “just do it” as Nike says. No goal exists without a path so keep training yourself to take that first step without hesitation. In fact, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with the results you quickly start to achieve when you start following our advice.

Remember, the women who reject you are getting the short end of the stick; they lose the opportunity to be with someone like you and not the other way around. So just go for it, check out the Tao of Badass, David Shade and David Wygant for lots of extra information and definitely go to our review page The Top 10 Best Seduction Skills and Dating Programs Online to check out or reviews of the top products on the net which will transform your dating skill level and success forever! And as always, please  share Red Hot Seduction on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr and bookmark us for tons more free info and the most incredible pics and video of the hottest girls you will find anywhere to inspire you to get out there and find your own. Live with passion guys.




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