How can hypnosis transform your sex life..?

How can hypnosis transform your sex life..?

If that’s not hypnotic we don’t know what is…!

Also called “hypno sex”, erotic hypnosis is a form of mind control used to reduce inhibitions, eliminate shame and guilt, and increase arousal by surrendering to sexual pleasure. Skilfully done, there is no doubt that it can transform your sex life. Also, go to our Secrets of Speed Seduction page on our site for an excellent article packed with tons more information. The practice of hypnosis is used for a range of activities including seducing women, delaying premature ejaculation, making women have orgasms on cue and preparing for hard-core bondage and sadomasochism. Many men have used it therapeutically to help them overcome inhibitions and shyness, improve their sexual performance and increase confidence and social skills. There are many products and educational tools available today, some of the best training out there are the amazing “Give Women Screaming Orgasms” hypnosis training and the outstanding “Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis” program, both by a world class sex and hypnosis coach called David Shade. This guy has a proven worldwide track record of outstanding teaching and transformation for his clients and his instantly downloadable audio and written programs are superb. 

Some of the ways you can use hypnosis to transform your sex life..
In a therapeutic hypnosis session, the person who goes into the trance is deeply relaxed, their senses are excited and trigger words are placed in their mind that cause a post-hypnotic reaction when deployed. The successful use of these techniques will rapidly transform your sex life. Since the hypnotic trance puts you into a deeper state of consciousness, the hypnotist is able to change the underlying responses a person may have to, for example, social anxiety, and so very rapidly make them a much more outward and confident person. Naturally this is a quality which immediately puts you streets ahead in the social world and massively more attractive to _

 Guys who have a “hypnosis fetish” are often amateur or professional hypnotists (“hypno-daddies”) who talk women into an almost touchless orgasm through a voice-controlled hypnosis ritual. The excitement here is the mental control rather than the physical. One hypo-daddy describes here how h uses hypnotism in his sexual scenarios: “I start with a progressive relaxation exercise and then suggest feelings of pleasure. This leads to her taking her clothes off as I suggest that she’s feeling the best oral sex of her life,” he says. “I then have her touch her body, continuing the erotic build up. I continue to gradually build up her orgasm, initially denying the release. I then have her masturbate while I explore her sexual fantasies and have her orgasm some more.”

In the Fifties, Milton H Erickson, an American psychiatrist who combined family therapy with hypnosis, developed his own approach known as “Ericksonian hypnotherapy”, which combined informal conversation with complex language combinations. Years later, pick-up artists (PUAs) modelled their own work on his. Ross Jeffries is the father of the PUAs and a motivational speaker who charges shy guys £500 for a three-day speed seduction seminar. “NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] is about a process of conditioning her to powerfully respond to your voice using a structured approach,” he explains. By breaking a girl’s resistance to her fixed beliefs and allowing her to enter into a more basic and primitive mindset which is freed of the rules and values of society. Many women describe it as giving them a new sense of freedom and self expression they were not able to access previously.

I attended one of Jeffries’ seduction seminars at a hotel conference room in Los Angeles, at which he weirdly combined motivational speaking with teaching his students a form of street hypnosis. “NLP comes in when you’re trying to ‘close the deal’,” he told the class. “One method is to insert thoughts into a woman’s subconscious, to get her in the mood. For example, use words like ‘excitement’ or ‘pleasure’ whenever possible to create a feeling of arousal. Women don’t want a guy with a great body, a handsome face or lots of money,” he claimed. “What women want are the emotional states they experience when they are around a guy with those qualities.” He then suggested several “sense” words and phrases to get women going without them even knowing what’s happening. Seduction words and phrases he said will work included: “below me”, “become“, “happenis“, “we gotta blow“, and “success”. 

Hypnosis can be used to seduce women you don’t know or to relax women you do. Sex therapists use hypnosis in couples’ counselling to heighten sexual awareness and reduce performance problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile disfunction. Dr Ava Cadell, a Los Angeles sex therapist, creates short hypnosis scripts for couples to read to each other. “Stress and anxiety manifests itself as premature ejaculation,” she says. “Anxiety causes the release of adrenaline that constricts the blood vessels, including those that lead to the penis.”

For women, the dynamic is different. It’s not so much about performance as it is deep relaxation. And here is sexual hypnosis’ most fascinating use: in BDSM (bondage and discipline, sadomasochism), where the thrill is for one person to completely surrender to the dominant person for sexual pleasure. According to Dr Cadell, “To eliminate negative thoughts that create stress and anxiety you must disconnect your mind from your body.”

So, for those into extreme bondage where one person is immobilised, hypnosis helps the person relax into a new psychological mind-set. Hypnosis in general changes someone’s beliefs and creates a new belief. In this instance, the hypnosis is part of the session that has a pre-writ

 Hypnosis goes well with the power exchange that occurs in extreme, kinky and dominant sexual scenarios. A woman known by her slave name as Sarah, a submissive of  a well known dominant (or Dom) who trains adult slaves in the BDSM lifestyle (for more tips, go to, explains how: “Hypnosis separates the dominant and submissive,” she says. “Proceeding with spanking, submission, bondage and sometimes flogging in this state allows one’s self to slip into a trance. This allows for the ‘transformation’ to occur, as your fear of the unknown is replaced with the suggestion of intense orgasms.  in other words, you are feeling very horny…. Now…!!!

So get out there, start learning about how you can use your language to become more attractive and influential. Check out the information on our Top 10 Seduction Skills page as a great place to start to learn these essential skills. You will never regret it. And like and share this article on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and have a look at our Youtube channel too. There’s a ton of extra goodies, free information and everything you need to become an absolute god with women. Enjoy the ride..!!

Originally published in the October 2011 issue of British GQ.


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