Developing your Inner Game

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Your inner game is the fundamental base upon which your dating and attraction abilities are built upon. The power of your inner game determines how you acquire and deliver your outer game which is your arsenal of seduction techniques. In fact, a strong inner game is often sufficient to offset any weaknesses in your outer game.

ad 7Simply using your outer game (like throwing out a pick up line) doesn’t define who you are. If you are lacking self-confidence and belief in your own abilities, you may achieve temporary success but your inner self will inevitably be revealed. Weaknesses such as jealousy, indecisiveness and neediness will all be exposed. Your outer game is intended to display your best self. And what if there are flaws in your best self? Inner game is important because it establishes your level of attractiveness from a deeply fundamental level. Outer game can be used as a tool of manipulation but only to a certain limit. Would you rather be skilful at falsely deceiving or effortlessly attracting women naturally?

Making Illusion Into Reality

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Be a Badass..

Obviously, reality is real and illusion is a manifestation of your wildest imagination. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to change your reality. Getting rejected by multiple women in a single night would certainly instill a degree of doubt into your perception of reality. But when you score your first make out session within the first 5 minutes of meeting a girl, this is sure to alter your reality in a positive sense. There is no “right” or “wrong” reality. In fact, there is only one condition which determines whether your reality will be successful in the world of attraction:

Does this reality give you the necessary mindset to handle any situation with a woman? Basically, achieving the success you want is solely dependent on you and you alone. You need this deeper level of change, belief and desire to make your character shine in the face of adversity. Not to be mistaken, becoming a psychopath isn’t the goal here. Our goal is to develop your inner game which can only be accomplished through a strengthening of your fundamental character and personality towards women.

Correcting Your Inner Game

Strive to be a naturally attractive person. Being a naturally attractive person requires a fundamental change in your core values which include your personality, self-image and self-esteem. These are qualities that cheesy pickup lines and set
routines can never replace. 
One of the biggest mistakes is placing too much emphasis on learning techniques and tactics rather than establishing a proper mindset. These tools are useless without strong character.

Men have little patience and are often seeking the path to instant satisfaction. Rather than becoming someone who is consistently successful in the long run, the majority of men seek to fulfill their desires immediately. So take a step back and see the bigger picture. What’s the real problem here? Again, the solution lies in changing your mindset. If you have a type B personality and lack that drive and self-confidence to be the best, your underlying self-identity is ultimately limiting your success.

At some point, she will see the real you.  If you’re going through a solid routine in your head for every approach, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Experienced women have a strong BS meter that will see through your fake personality. Gradually, your real personality will manifest itself along with your insecurities and weaknesses.

If a woman perceives you as “having game,” she is more likely to be resistant tom your advances. In fact, higher quality women will often try to ‘test’ you to see if you are the man that you appear to be. Take a look at our article The Ultimate Dating Guide for much more information. But if you present yourself as a man who is in control of his reality and displays a strong self-identity, women will lower their defense mechanisms because there is nothing to be challenged or threatened by. This is priceless information and if you apply it well it will absolutely transform your dating life and quite possibly your life in general. In other words, the men with the greatest inner game don’t just “have game,” but are aboad logo_kissve the game itself.

Women are attracted to men with a solid inner game. Whether they know it or not, women are subconsciously attracted to men who have a confident, assertive and optimistic attitude who at the same time, have their ego in check. This is how many natural “alpha males” get laid. These men can respond internally and naturally rather than struggle to project a façade of someone ‘desirable’. Having the correct mindset and outlook on dating will set you apart from the millions of men who struggle to strengthen their sense of self.

Inner Game Makes You a Better Person. Believe it or not, improving your communication and natural attraction with women is a process of self-improvement. By enhancing your inner game, you become a more fun-loving, knowledgeable and motivated individual. By gaining this deeper level of behavioral change, you not only reach the ultimate level of the true Alpha Man, but you become someone with an inexplicable passion for life. In addition to your relationships, you will notice all aspects of your life, money, success and real happiness thrive like never before.

So check out the Tao of Badass now, there’s tons of free information to look at too. Your dating life will never be the same again we promise, so get out there men and give the women of the world what they really want… strong, assertive Alpha men who have a natural self confidence and non needy attitude to life. Go for it!


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